Mangrove trimming

Environmental Issues

How do I find out more about water quality in streams, rivers, and bays of Manatee County?
How do I report algae in a stream or other natural waterbody?
How do I report algae in my retention pond?
There are fish dying in the canal or bayou near my home. What can I do?

Fertilizer Ordinance

I am a professional fertilizer applicator, what do I need to operate in Manatee County?
I am a professional landscaper, what do I need to work in Manatee County?
I use reclaimed water for irrigation. Does that affect how I use fertilizer?
What fertilizer can I buy at the retail stores?
What fertilizer is allowed to be applied in Manatee County?
Where can I learn more about obtaining the certifications needed for commercial landscaping or fertilizer application?
Who should I contact if I see someone doing something in violation of the fertilizer ordinance?


Can I throw used oil filters into my regular garbage?
How do I dispose of my household hazardous wastes such as unwanted pesticides, paints, pool chemicals?
How do I identify my wastes?
I have two locations for my businesses, can I keep all my records together in one location?
I put my used antifreeze directly in with my used oil, is this correct?
I use acetone (or any solvent) on disposable rags and throw them out when they are dry, is this a proper disposal method?
I use green tip "environmentally friendly" fluorescent bulbs, can they be put in the regular trash/garbage?
If I take my used oil to an auto parts store for community collection, how can I prove it?
Now that I have established my business as an SQG (small quantity generator), what must I do?
The SQG (small quantity generator) requirements seem extensive, what other options can I consider?
What are the main functions of the SQG (Small Quantity Generator) Program?
What at my business in considered "Hazardous Waste"?
What is a hazardous waste manifest?
What is a material safety data sheet?
What is an SQG (Small Quantity Generator)?
What is the county pollutant stroage tank law?
What types of wells require a construction permit in Manatee County?
What waste containers need to have labels?
Where can I find a good source for additional information on small quantity generator requirements?


How do I get information on Mining info – Parks & Natural Resources?
Once mining is completed, what happens to the land? What is reclamation?
What are Mineral Rights? How do I know if a property I am interested in buying has Mineral Rights?
What companies perform Phosphate Mining in Manatee County?
What regulations govern mining in Manatee County?
What type of mining occurs in Manatee County?
Where are the phosphate mines in Manatee County?
Who do I contact regarding mineral rights owned by Mosaic

Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Can I discharge my laundry wastewater to my yard?
What can be discharged to the storm drain?
Who do I contact about dead fish in my retention pond?
Who should I contact if I see someone doing something in violation of the stormwater ordinance?

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