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I use acetone (or any solvent) on disposable rags and throw them out when they are dry, is this a proper disposal method?

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No. Even though the rags are dry they still contain hazardous waste.   Do not use disposable shop rags in certain processes at your facility. If you do use disposable rags and they are contaminated, they must be stored and disposed of as hazardous waste.  Another option is to contract with a uniform/shop towel service that will supply you with clean rags on a regular basis. These contractors are permitted by state and local agencies to process/wash the rags, which are considered a recyclable item. Used rags should be placed into a properly labeled, closed-lid container. Keep all receipts for a minimum of three years. Do not mix rags together with different wastes into the same storage container, as they may be reactive to one another and become a fire hazard.
Updated 2/23/2020 2:16 PM
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