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Broken Recycle Bin/ Replacement Recycle Bin

Customers wanting them replaced or repair Bins

We normally tell our customers leave the cart at the curb and it could take up to two weeks.

If it has been out longer than two weeks and we tell them please wait as they will get to them ASAP.

Below are some questions and answers so we can share with the customers


  • Should the customers wait for at least 2 weeks before they put out their recycle bin for replacement or repairs (DPMN)?                            
  • Please have customers still put their carts out there to ensure they are not missed when they come through the area.
  • How will the service orders (DPMN & RYB) that are already pending be handled?
  • Both haulers will be getting caught up with recycling cart service orders that are two weeks and older by the end of next week.  WM has hired Cascade (the cart manufacturer) to get them caught up with all the cart requests/repairs.


Updated 8/19/2021 8:41 AM
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